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Remote Deceased Pets Session

  • 30 minutes
  • $85 Per Session
  • Scotland

Service Description

Entities will usually target your surroundings as well as you and this certainly includes your pets. By seeing their health decline this will build trauma wounds and negative emotional energy worsening your state. This along with your pets generating soul energy is the main reason when they target them. If your pet's soul and energy body weren't violently targeted upon death they go and enter the reincarnation pool. Pets will have much less interference than people with this and can usually determine potential owners and reincarnate to become another one of your pets if they so desire. They may change breed but not animal in my experience. Unfortunately if they were violently targeted than the main entity race targeting them will take them back to their entity realm to feed off of their soul energy and, well that's it... They sit their trapped getting fed off. This can also happen if you weren't too bright and handed your pet after death over to an entity race. During the session if your pets soul is in the reincarnation pool I'll remove him or her from it. Otherwise he might still be stuck here 40,000 years later if Humanity loses this go around. If he's in Hell, Purgatory, Kundalini Hell, Buddhist Hell, Zodiac Hell, Egyptian Hell, etc. etc. I'll remove him from there, while erasing whatever was tormenting him or dragged him in their in the first place. Once retrieved from where he was then I'll do the following; Retrieve his soul energy. Restore the core of his soul from soul damage. Clear and restore his energy body and code body . Erase all soul contracts. Erase all negative cords. Erase or return curses. Erase or return other humans negative energies to them. Build up his soul and energy body strength. Shield him. Then I'll break a hole in the matrix and send him out to a much more positive energetic area. This is applicable to any pets you've had. One session will include one pet for medium sized soul animals such as dogs, cats or elephants. For small sized souls such as mice, guinea pigs etc. I can do up to 6 depending on death time frame as they're much faster to work on. This should ideally be done as early as possible after you pet is deceased however it can feasibly be done up to 15 years later. If you have had a very targeted life then most likely your pet is stuck somewhere. But if your pet has reincarnated and is with another family I won't send him out of the matrix and leave them with an empty pet unless they're terrible people.

Contact Details

  • Hill Road, Falkland, Cupar, Scotland, UK

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