Remote overall session on pet or child

  • 30 minutes
  • $80 Per Session
  • Location 1

Service Description

Animals are much easier to work on than people energetically as they have a much smaller body and overall energy unless you have an elephant or giraffe as a pet. But I'm going to presume you have a dog, cat or other more common pet. In their session I would be able to do numerous things that on adult humans take an hour. These are in the following order unless one is more important than the other; Soul Retrieval Soul Restoration Soul Contract Erasure Cord Cutting Shielding Energy Body Restoration Code Body Reset Entity Erasure Implant Erasure And Overall Energetic Clearing of Curses, Portals etc. For children this service covers anyone 18 and under. If you have 2 children send me pictures of both of them and I'll split the time between them. Or alternatively 2 pets. Children usually take a shorter amount of time to work on than adults as they've had less time for things to target them in this lifetime. Often you're born in to this world with soul entities tethered to soul contracts and soul curses that carry over. I would erase any major entities that have been carried over as well as major implants that gradually get put on us as we grow. The chakras in particular usually are placed on a child between 18 months to 2 years old. I'd retrieve any pieces of the soul already stolen but more importantly I'd retrieve the layers of the soul we aren't born with. With the shield I'd set up they normally last a few years preventing soul theft and preventing most entities from entering in to the child's energy sphere. I'd check your child's energy body for any damage which often reflects down as stiffness and pain in to the physical body. After this work your child will have a much healthier energetic growth as he or she ages with a lot less entity targeting. If you can get them to start energy training young they'll be well on their way to easily being able to defend themselves and others energetically. This is a remote session, if your teenager wants to speak to me that's fine but otherwise send me a picture I will work on him or her and send you a report of what I see.

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  • Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia