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Comprehensive Clearing and Restoration

Soul Retrieval, Soul Restoration, Soul Contract Erasure, And Much More

  • 1 h
  • $220 Per Session
  • Scotland

Service Description

It used to take me an hour to do soul retrieval but now after a lot of training I can do it in around 5 minutes. Because of this I am grouping the separate sessions in to one large session. You will gradually integrate the work over months in order to best handle the changes. This session will include the following; Soul Retrieval: Our Soul energy is stored in our soul area in the centre of our chest. Unless it's shielded negative entities steal our soul energy and use it as a renewable energy source to feed off. They can also use these pieces against you to directly interfere with your consciousness. I will fully clear your soul area and soul energy before retrieving it leading to less interference and more overall energy. I will then shield your soul area to prevent any further soul theft. Soul Restoration: Our soul energy all connects to the core of our soul. This takes damage over life times, gets full of negative energy and entities and overall ends up in an awful state. I'll fully clear the core of your soul, restore it and then shield it. Soul Contract Erasure: We have soul contracts that we were forced in to signing during a life review in past lives. These allow negative entity races to much more easily target us as the contracts allow them to resign in our body regardless of our will. We also have soul contracts that our great, great, great, you get the picture... Signed whether it be they thought gods or angels would protect us or they sold their descendants for wealth back in the 1200s. With these erased entities will have a harder time targeting you and your energy will become much less hampered by them. Negative Cord Erasure: Negative people, entities, items and locations connect cords to us to steal our energy and funnel negative energy in. I erase the negative cords and any entities or thought forms on the other end freeing you from them. Energy Body Restoration: The energy body is our body from the fourth dimension up. We are born with it in a perfect state but it takes damage and has parts eaten by entities that target us over time. I will clear up your energy body, restore any damages and retrieve the stolen parts. Code Body Reset Entity Erasure Implant Erasure And Overall Energetic Clearing of Curses, Portals etc. Sessions are done through Skype or Zoom or remotely via a picture. I will confirm after booking and before payment whether a session will benefit you or not at this time.

Contact Details

  • Hill Road, Falkland, Cupar, Scotland, UK

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