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Julie Reil

Lawrence’s work on my home, my children and my soul has been the most effective clearing of negative energy and negative forces that I have ever found.

I highly recommend his services for anyone who wants to be set free from the past and for anyone who wants to learn to stand in their own power and protection.

Jolene Gralow

After a history of unexplainable health problems and chronic pain, meeting Lawrence has been the greatest blessing to my life. 

The New Age movement and their teachings nearly killed me. And after several meditations and multiple ‘healers’ working with angels and all sorts of spirit guides, I found myself afflicted with symptoms so debilitating I was losing hope I would ever find relief. I spent years travelling long distances, spending thousands of dollars, and putting myself in dangerous situations just to try and find an answer. All of this to no avail. Then in just one session with Lawrence, the pain was basically gone. 

Based on what I have seen and experienced, Lawrence is the most powerful healer and psychic in the southern hemisphere, and perhaps even the world. Yet despite his powerful abilities, Lawrence remains humble with a friendly and relatable demeanour, a wonderful sense of humour and a genuine desire to help. 

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