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Remote Session on Child or Teenager

  • 30 min
  • 80
  • Scotland

Service Description

When we incarnate in to each life we tend to be in a much better energetic state. We do carry things over but for the most part our energetic resistance is quite high and any natural or latent abilities are unblocked. As we age and become targeted it takes quite a lot longer to undo any energetic damage or targeting. If you're shielded from a young age it helps prevent the vast majority of targeting leading to a healthier mind and body. The main problems that carry over from past lives are soul contracts, past life curses and soul damage. Soul contracts give permission for negative entities to target us and feed off our energy greatly nullifying our natural energetic resistance. These soul contracts tend to have negative entities tethered to them causing the same entity to follow your child life after life feeding off him or her over and over. Past life curses lead to pain and illnesses usually by targeting the energy body. The chakras are a major artificial implant that are placed in children between 18 months to 2 years old majorly blocking natural energy centers. Theses sessions are done remotely and I will write you a report of what I see and clear. If your child is above 12 and wants to speak in person then let me know and I'll set up a video call. In the session I will do the following; Soul Retrieval Soul Restoration Soul Contract Erasure Cord Cutting Energy Body Clearing and Restoration Code Body Reset Entity Erasure Implant Erasure Chakra Overlay Erasure Shielding Curse Erasure And clearing of other manifestations of negative energy, portals, programs etc. With shielding I will set up a shield around their overall energy preventing most energetic attacks. Along with a shield around their soul area preventing soul theft, soul damage and entities targeting their soul area entirely. These shields usually last years but do vary depending on the persons overall targeting and environment. Let me know of any particular health problems, pain or stiffness and the physical body and I'll check if these are manifesting from energetic targeting or damage. After this session it will be substantially easier for your child to energetically grow as he or she ages with significantly less targeting. If you can get him or her to start energy training at a young they'll have a life with less negative interference. As well developing the skills and confidence to be able to defend themselves from energetic attacks whether from negative entities or people.

Contact Details

  • Hill Road, Falkland, Cupar, Scotland, UK

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