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What is an artificial soul?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Negative entities create artificial souls so they can take control over your consciousness and more easily work through you. Your conscious thoughts come directly from your soul and an artificial soul as it steals energy from you to strengthen itself will gradually be able to affect your consciousness. You will often feel like you've suddenly shifted personality and your thoughts, mannerism and fundamental beliefs completely shift. One major symptom is you will become very angry over very small things for no reason as the artificial soul has put you in this state so as to better feed off of your anger.

Artificial souls normally have the same sphere shape of regular souls but the colour and texture varies greatly depending on the entity race who have made the artificial soul. A reptilian artificial soul will be green with spiky bits all around it and yellow in the middle. An amphibian artificial soul will be blue made out of water with fish entities swimming around in it. A demonic artificial soul will be brownish red with a hot leathery texture.

Artificial souls normally are inserted in to you at a fairly weak small stage but in time they feed off the energy of your soul and become bigger and bigger. The common places for them are the stomach, left side of the chest, head and throat. As they get bigger and stronger their goal is to force their way inside of the centre of your chest in to your soul area and either force your soul out or completely cover and smother with the end goal of becoming the main place where your consciousness comes from.

Artificial souls are fairly easy to erase as they don't have any built in defences so once found they don't pose much of a problem. So long as you are shielded up it will be very hard for an artificial soul to be placed in you. However I've seen quite a few people who have had them placed inside of them as children and they are a common implant so even if you've been shielded for quite some time it is a good idea to check yourself for these.

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