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What is the Spinal Implant control Rod

The spinal implant control rod is a very major implant. Entities put multiple metal rods along the spine that cause discomfort but it's main purpose is to send out energetic impulses to block you from any kind of critical thinking they would rather you avoid.

As it feeds off your energy it becomes more imbedded along the spinal cord and metal plates come off it gradually spreading from your spine across your back. Over years it gradually fully encases your body with the metal plates and can very strongly affect you on a whim.

In order to erase it you will have to erase a lot of skeletal serpents that cover the implant first. There can be thousands of these that vary in length from the full length of your spine to the size of a grain of rice. Once erased you will see a series of metal poles stacked on top of each other. These things can give some pretty decent kickback if you are doing this yourself and aren't strong enough to paralyse them while removing them.

Gradually erase through these, they don't have much of an in built defence so it will be more so time consuming than it will be a proper fight.

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