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What is the parasitic Brain Tree?

Shortly after you were first born, often in the first few days an entity who varies in race takes a parasitic seed and places it over your brain in the fifth dimension. The seed sinks down in to the brain and out of it grow roots that begin to spread through your body. The roots steal your energy and use it to grow a large tree out of your head that massively blocks your abilities, growth rate and thinking capacity.

Usually a specific entity is assigned to be a handler for a few thousand people and this is normally the entity who will place the seed over your brain. This entity will loosely monitor you over the course of your life but is normally fairly weak and after some training can be erased fairly easily.

The tree starts off as a standard corrupted nature negative tree but is usually converted by whichever entities are targeting you the most. The tree will normally have it's textured changed and be covered in entities. The common ones are a metal A.I. tree, a red demonic tree, a blue Arcturian false white tree, a green prey mantis insect tree. Some will try and appear somewhat positive such as a green fairy tree with small fairies all over the place but I've never seen this implant used for anything positive. So no matter what it looks like to you, it's best to have it erased.

There are three negative energy cores to erase in order to erase the tree implant. The first is in the middle of the tree coming out of your head. The second is in the seed often in the centre of the brain. The third is normally in the stomach and is the core in charge of the roots. Once all three have been erased you should feel lighter and much more free, this implant doesn't return as it's been growing for your whole life and isn't easily replaced.

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