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What Is Code Body Reset? And How can you do it?

Each person has a stream of code running through the centre of their head and down their body in the 12th dimension of the matrix. The 12th dimension is completely made out of energetic code.

Our code starts out as a neutral blue matrix code but as we are targeted with negative energy in the form of code it turns red and then black. This results in a negative change in your thoughts, emotions and physical health. Often black code will be mixed with more specific negative code from the various entity races. This can result in a mish mash of different negative code or one negative code can win leading to your code body taking the shape of a negative entity.

In order to change this you remote view your code body. Feel for an area that you can break around you and pull in your own energy in a stream of code that will be the colour of your soul. Always attack the stream of code to make sure you have your energy and not something disguised as it.

Connect the positive stream of code to your head. As it goes down through your body clear negative portals and energy rifts near your body that negative code is streaming out of. Then focus on your positive code and strengthen it as it goes down through your body fighting and clearing the negative code. Once it's gaining ground on it's own you can leave it but check occasionally to make sure it isn't stuck on any blockages. I do this procedure for people during the main session.

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