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What are the Chakras?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

When you were a child you had a magical fountain in your backyard that produced unlimited pure, clean drinking water. One day you woke up and somebody had built a brick wall around your fountain with a tap sticking out of it. The tap gives a small amount of mediocre water and is always getting dirty.

This is what the chakras are, they are negative implants put in us to block us from our own natural energy centres in the head, heart and stomach. They segment our energy massively and even in perfect condition block us from seeing anything negative forces don't want us seeing.

Once removed you will feel as if a massive weight that you were accustomed to had been removed. Then your natural energy centres will begin to work properly and your body will flow with the natural energy you should have had all along.

Why do major religions promote the chakra system? Well the chakra system does work and there are benefits to fixing it. But the most likely reason is that so long as people believe it is a fundamental part of us and don't question it they will not just doubt but reject that it could be used to control us. Trying to convince people who have a strong belief system about the chakras or etheric implants in general is normally a waste of time as they will choose to believe what they always have as it's comfortable.

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Gurleen Mahi
Gurleen Mahi
Aug 17, 2023

How do we remove the chakras?

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